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Authors: Panda, Amulya K
Padhi, Santwana
Mirza, Mohd. Aamir
Verma, Devina
Khuroo, Tahir
Talegaonkar, Sushama
Khar, Roop Krishen
Iqbal, Zeenat
Title: Revisiting the nanoformulation design approach for effective delivery of topotecan in its stable form: an appraisal of its in vitro Behavior and tumor amelioration potential
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group
Publication Date: Oct-2016
Abstract: Topotecan (TPT) is indicated against a variety of solid tumors, but has restricted clinical use owing to associated pharmaceutical caveats. This study is focused at formulating a successful TPT PLGA nanosystem which ameliorates the rapid conversion of active lactone form of drug to its inactive carboxylate form and consequently improvises its efficacy. TPT PLGA nanoparticles were formulated by a double emulsion-solvent evaporation technique with sequential optimization to obtain desired particle size, PDI, zeta potential, and entrapment efficiency. Stability of TPT was ensured by maintaining an acidic pH in the drug-containing phase and the system was evaluated for in vitro-in vivo performance including cytotoxic potency. The optimized nanosystem had a particle size of 187.33 ± 7.50 nm, a PDI of 0.179 ± 0.05, and an entrapment efficiency of 56 ± 1.2%. Low pH in the interior of nanoparticles stabilized the drug to remain in its active lactone form and revealed a biphasic release pattern till 15 d. Additionally, an in vitro cytotoxicity testing as well as in vivo antitumor efficacy demonstrated a significant potential of higher proliferation inhibition as compared with neat drug (TPT). Thus, the investigation summarized an innovative simple tool for developing stable TPT NPs for effective delivery for treating solid tumors.
Issue No: 8
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