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Authors: Mohanty, Debasisa
Khater, Shradha
Anand, Swadha
Title: In silico methods for linking genes and secondary metabolites: The way forward
Publisher: Elsevier B.V.
Publication Date: Jun-2016
Abstract: In silico methods for linking genomic space to chemical space have played a crucial role in genomics driven discovery of new natural products as well as biosynthesis of altered natural products by engineering of biosynthetic pathways. Here we give an overview of available computational tools and then briefly describe a novel computational framework, namely retro-biosynthetic enumeration of biosynthetic reactions, which can add to the repertoire of computational tools available for connecting natural products to their biosynthetic gene clusters. Most of the currently available bioinformatics tools for analysis of secondary metabolite biosynthetic gene clusters utilize the “Genes to Metabolites” approach. In contrast to the “Genes to Metabolites” approach, the “Metabolites to Genes” or retro-biosynthetic approach would involve enumerating the various biochemical transformations or enzymatic reactions which would generate the given chemical moiety starting from a set of precursor molecules and identifying enzymatic domains which can potentially catalyze the enumerated biochemical transformations. In this article, we first give a brief overview of the presently available in silico tools and approaches for analysis of secondary metabolite biosynthetic pathways. We also discuss our preliminary work on development of algorithms for retro-biosynthetic enumeration of biochemical transformations to formulate a novel computational method for identifying genes associated with biosynthesis of a given polyketide or nonribosomal peptide.
Issue No: 2
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