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Authors: Mohanty, Debasisa
Co-Authors: Sharma, Chhaya
Title: Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Deciphering the Structural Basis of Recognition of Pre-let‑7 miRNAs by LIN28
Publisher: ACS Pub.
Publication Date: 2017
Abstract: LIN28 protein inhibits biogenesis of miRNAs belonging to the let-7 family by binding to precursor forms of miRNAs. Overexpression of LIN28 and low levels of let-7 miRNAs are associated with several forms of cancer cells. We have performed multiple explicit solvent molecular dynamics simulations ranging from 200 to 500 ns in length on different isoforms of preElet- 7 in complex with LIN28 and also in isolation to identify structural features and key specificity-determining residues (SDRs) that are important for the inhibitory role of LIN28. Our simulations suggest that a conserved structural feature of the loop regions of preE-let-7 miRNAs is more important for LIN28 recognition than sequence conservation among members of the let-7 family or the presence of the GGAG motif in the 3′ region. The loop region consisting of a minimum of five nucleotides helps pre-miRNAs to acquire a conformation ideal for binding to LIN28, but pre-let-7c-2 prefers a conformation with a threenucleotide loop. Thus, our simulations provide a theoretical rationale for the recent experimental observation of the escape of LIN28-mediated repression by pre-let-7c-2. The essential structural and sequence features highlighted in this study might aid in designing synthetic small molecule inhibitors for modulating LIN28−let- 7 interaction in malignant cells. We have also identified crucial SDRs of the LIN28−preE-let-7 complex involving 13 residues of LIN28 and 10 residues of the pre-miRNA. On the basis of the conservation profile of these 13 SDRs, we have identified 10 novel proteins that are not annotated as LIN28 like but are similar in sequence, domain, or fold level to LIN28
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