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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2010Diversity of HIV type 1 long terminal repeat (LTR) sequences following mother-to-child transmission in North IndiaBanerjea, Akhil C; Neogi, Ujjwal; Sharma, Yogeshwar; Sood, Vikas; Wanchu, Ajay
Nov-2009Genetic and functional characterization of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 VprC variants from north India: presence of unique recombinants with mosaic genomes from B, C and D subtypes within the open reading frame of VprBanerjea, Akhil C; Bano, Aalia S; Sood, Vikas; Neogi, Ujjwal; Goel, Nidhi; Kuttiat, Vijesh Sreedhar; Wanchu, Ajay
Feb-2014Molecular and genetic characterization of natural HIV-1 Tat Exon-1 variants from North India and their functional implicationsBanerjea, Akhil C; Ronsard, Larance; Lata, Sneh; Singh, Jyotsna; Ramachandran, Vishnampettai G; Das, Shukla
Jun-2009Global HIV-1 molecular epidemiology with special reference to genetic analysis of HIV-1 subtypes circulating in North India: functional and pathogenic implications of genetic variationBanerjea, Akhil C; Neogi, Ujjwal; Sood, Vikas; Banerjee, Snigdha; Gosh, Nilanjana; Verma, Sachin; Samrat, Subodh; Sharma, Yogeshwar; Saxena, Abhishek; Husain, Sajid; Ramachandran, V G; Das, S; Sreedhar, K Vijesh; Goel, Nidhi; Wanchu, Ajay
Dec-2013Effect on HIV-1 gene expression, Tat-Vpr interaction and cell apoptosis by natural variants of HIV-1 Tat exon 1 and Vpr from Northern IndiaBanerjea, Akhil C; Ramachandran, Vishnampettai G; Lata, Sneh; Ronsard, Larance; Sood, Vikas; Dar, Sajad A; Das, Shukla
Jun-2011Inhibition of β-TrcP-dependent ubiquitination of p53 by HIV-1 Vpu promotes p53-mediated apoptosis in human T cellsBanerjea, Akhil C; Verma, Sachin; Ali, Amjad; Arora, Sakshi
Dec-2011Genetic architecture of HIV-1 genes circulating in north India & their functional implicationsBanerjea, Akhil C; Neogi, Ujjwal; Sood, Vikas; Ronsard, Larence; Singh, Jyotsna; Lata, Sneh; Ramachandran, V G; Das, S; Wanchu, Ajay
Mar-2013Genetic characterization of natural variants of Vpu from HIV-1 infected individuals from Northern India and their impact on virus release and cell deathBanerjea, Akhil C; Verma, Sachin; Ronsard, Larance; Kapoor, Richa
Aug-2014HIV-1 Vpr redirects host ubiquitination pathwayBanerjea, Akhil C; Arora, Sakshi; Verma, Sachin
Aug-2010Genetic and functional analysis of HIV-1 Rev Responsive Element (RRE) sequences from North-IndiaBanerjea, Akhil C; Neogi, Ujjwal; Sharma, Yogeshwar; Sood, Vikas; Banerjee, Snigdha; Samrat, Subodh; Wanchu, Ajay; Singh, Surjit