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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2012Protective efficacy of Mycobacterium indicus pranii against tuberculosis and underlying local lung immune responses in guinea pig model.Bhaskar, Sangeeta; Gupta, Ankan; Ahmad, F.J.; Ahmada, Faiz; Gupta, U.D.; Natarajan, M.; Katochc, V.M.
Mar-2013Nanoparticle mediated co-delivery of paclitaxel and a TLR-4 agonist results in tumor regression and enhanced immune response in the tumor microenvironment of a mouse model.Bhaskar, Sangeeta; Roy, Aniruddha; Singh, Manu Smriti; Upadhyay∗, Pramod
Oct-2014Mycobacterium indicus pranii and Mycobacterium bovis BCG lead to differential macrophage activation in Toll-like receptor-dependent manner.Bhaskar, Sangeeta; Kumar, Pawan; Tyagi, Rohit; Das, Gobardhan
May-2010Combined chemo-immunotherapy as a prospective strategy to combat cancer: a nanoparticle based approach.Bhaskar, Sangeeta; Roy, Aniruddha; Singh, Manu Smriti; Upadhyay, Pramod
Mar-2015Mycobacterium indicus pranii induces dendritic cell activation, survival, and Th1/Th17 polarization potential in a TLR-dependent manner.Bhaskar, Sangeeta; Kumar, Pawan; John, Vini; Marathe, Soumitra; Das, Gobardhan
Sep-2011Activation of anti-tumor immune response and reduction of regulatory T cells with Mycobacterium indicus pranii (MIP) therapy in tumor bearing mice.Bhaskar, Sangeeta; Kumar, Pawan; Mani, Jiju; Ahmad, Faiz; Haridas, Seenu; Upadhyay, Pramod
Jan-2009Immunogenicity and protective efficacy of "Mycobacterium w" against Mycobacterium tuberculosis in mice immunized with live versus heat-killed M. w by the aerosol or parenteral route.Bhaskar, Sangeeta; Gupta, Ankan; Geetha, Nishamol; Mani, Jiju; Upadhyay, Pramod; Katoch, V M; Natrajan, M; Gupta, U D
Feb-2012Adjuvant properties of thermal component of hyperthermia enhanced transdermal immunization: effect on dendritic cells.Bhaskar, Sangeeta; Joshi, Neha; Duhan, Vikas; Lingwal, Neelam; Upadhyay, Pramod
Jul-2012Efficacy of Mycobacterium indicus pranii immunotherapy as an adjunct to chemotherapy for tuberculosis and underlying immune responses in the lung.Bhaskar, Sangeeta; Gupta, Ankan; Ahmad, Farhan J; Ahmad, Faiz; Gupta, Umesh D.; Natarajan, Mohan; Katoch, Vishwamohan
Aug-2012Anticancer and immunostimulatory activity by conjugate of paclitaxel and non-toxic derivative of LPS for combined chemo-immunotherapy.Bhaskar, Sangeeta; Roy, Aniruddha; Chandra, Sourav; Mamilapally, Swapna