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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2012Insufficient androgen and FSH signaling may be responsible for the azoospermia of the infantile primate testes despite exposure to an adult-like hormonal milieuMajumdar, Subeer S; Plant, Tony M; Sarda, Kanchan; Bhattacharya, Indrashis
Oct-2012A switch in Sertoli cell responsiveness to FSH may be responsible for robust onset of germ cell differentiation during prepubartal testicular maturation in ratsMajumdar, Subeer S; Bhattacharya, Indrashis; Pradhan, Bhola Shankar; Sarda, Kanchan; Gautam, Mukesh; Basu, Sayon
Dec-2012Donor hematopoietic stem cells confer long-term marrow reconstitution by self-renewal divisions exceeding to that of host cellsMajumdar, Subeer S; Roy, Sushmita; Javed, Saleem; Jain, Swatantra K; Mukhopadhyay, Asok
Aug-2013Antigen peptide transporter 1 is involved in the development of fructose-induced hepatic steatosis in miceMajumdar, Subeer S; Arindkar, Shailendra; Bhattacharjee, Jashdeep; Kumar, Jerald Mahesh; Das, Barun; Asif, Shajahan; Juyal, Ramesh C; Perumal, Nagarajan
Mar-2015Isolation and functional characterization of buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) -casein promoter for driving mammary epithelial cell-specific gene expressionMajumdar, Subeer S; Ganguli, Nirmalya; Ganguli, Nilanjana; Usmani, Abul
Dec-2009A method for rapid generation of transgenic animals to evaluate testis genes during sexual maturationMajumdar, Subeer S; Usmani, Abul; Bhattacharya, Indrashis; Sarda, Kanchan; Gautam, Mukkesh; Sharma, Deepika; Basu, Sayon; Dhup, Suveera
Dec-2013Genomic and post-genomic leads toward regulation of spermatogenesisMajumdar, Subeer S; Bhattacharya, Indrashis
May-2013Dickkopf homolog 3 (DKK3) plays a crucial role upstream of WNT/β-CATENIN signaling for Sertoli cell mediated regulation of spermatogenesisMajumdar, Subeer S; Das, Deepika Sharma; Wadhwa, Neerja; Kunj, Neetu; Sarda, Kanchan; Pradhan, Bhola Shankar
Nov-2012Peritubular cells may modulate Leydig cell-mediated testosterone production through a nonclassic pathwayMajumdar, Subeer S; Mishra, Jibanananda; Gautam, Mukesh; Dadhich, Rajesh; Kowtharapu, Bhavani S
Jun-2013Effect of long-term castration on serum biochemistry in rhesus monkeysMajumdar, Subeer S; Nagarajan, Perumal; Arindkar, S; Singh, S