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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2014Structure-Based Multiscale Approach for Identification of Interaction Partners of PDZ DomainsMohanty, Debasisa; Tiwari, Garima
Apr-2012Inter-domain movements in polyketide synthases: a molecular dynamics studyMohanty, Debasisa; Anand, Swadha
Jan-2010Genome scale prediction of substrate specificity for acyl adenylate superfamily of enzymes based on active site residue profilesMohanty, Debasisa; Khurana, Pankaj; Gokhale, Rajesh S
Apr-2009Towards Prediction of Metabolic Products of Polyketide Synthases: An In Silico AnalysisMohanty, Debasisa; Yadav, Gitanjali; Gokhale, Rajesh S
Aug-2012Novel insights into the regulation of malarial calcium-dependent protein kinase 1Mohanty, Debasisa; Ahmed, Anwar; Gaadhe, Kavita; Sharma, Guru Prasad; Kumar, Narendra; Neculai, Mirela; Hui, Raymond; Sharma, Pushkar
Mar-2015Getting Phosphorylated: Is it Necessary to be Solvent Accessible ?Mohanty, Debasisa; Kumar, Narendra; Damle, Nikhil Prakash
Jan-2010Identification of substrates for Ser/Thr kinases using residue-based statistical pair potentialsMohanty, Debasisa; Kumar, Narendra
2013An In Silico Analysis of the Binding Modes and Binding Affinities of Small Molecule Modulators of PDZ-Peptide InteractionsMohanty, Debasisa; Tiwari, Garima
May-2012Molecular Dynamics Simulations on Pars Intercerebralis Major Peptide-C (PMP-C) Reveal the Role of Glycosylation and Disulfide Bonds in its Enhanced Structural Stability and FunctionMohanty, Debasisa; Surolia, Avadhesha; Kaushik, Sandeep
Dec-2010Structure-based identification of MHC binding peptides: Benchmarking of prediction accuracyMohanty, Debasisa; Kumar, Narendra